INTMEDIA catalogue

INTMEDIA is a system integrator working on solutions for museums, exhibitions, galleries, clubs, universities, hospitals, training centers, conference venues, cinemas and others. INTMEDIA engaged in system integration of audio-visual integrated solutions since 1992. We have a huge experience in providing end-to-end solutions, our projects include:

  • technical and artistic design,
  • supply and installation of equipment,
  • warranty and post warranty service,
  • content production.

We build complexes, including sound and projection systems, multi-display systems, interactive information systems, automated lighting systems, video conferencing systems, ets..

INTMEDIA has a professional post production, taking orders for the creation of multimedia products for our projects and others (video, materials for panoramic projection, 3D-content, slide shows, 3Dmapping, animations, audiocontent). Our video studio produced video and media materials exposures to the Memorial Museum of Cosmonautics, exposure Ivan the Great Bell in the Moscow Kremlin, St. Basil's Cathedral on Moscow Red Square, RUSNANO corporate museum. See more 

Professional recognition

INTMEDIA twice awarded the Jury of the Russian competition in the field of professional audio-video equipment and system integration PROINTEGRATION AWARDS:

  • In 2009 in the nomination "The best solution for leisure and entertainment facilities" for the project "Software and hardware complex exposure Ivan the Great Bell at the State Historical and Cultural Museum-Preserve Moscow Kremlin";
  • In 2010 - a special prize "The unique design of national museums" for his installation "Interactive multimedia exhibition in the State Darwin Museum".

INTMEDIA is the Premium Partner of  Dataton, PIXILAB, Epson, Realfiction, MultiTaction, Panasonic, MediaScreen.